French History

at the Château

Cassagne Haut-Canon

Marshal Louis-François Armand du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu (1696-1788), was a statesman. He is best known for his military services and political role, especially as the Prime Minister of Louis XV.

The Château Cassagne Haut-Canon, his hunting lodge, was associated with his activities and aristocratic lifestyle. Cassagne comes from the Gaulish term cassanus, which means “oak.”

5 generations

The property was purchased in 1956 by Jean-Jacques Dubois’ father, Charles, when it comprised just 3 hectares of vines. Since then, the vineyard has been restructured, with the aim of enhancing the value of each individual vine, based on the estate’s extraordinary geological assets.

A trade with heart

I grew up in a family where my forefathers were very attached to agriculture, nature and their land. I “fell into a vat” as a child, and my father passed on to me his passion for vines and wine.

He entrusted me with the destiny of Château Cassagne Haut-Canon in 1983. Since then, I’ve acquired 40 years of experience, thanks to my observations and reflections in the field of viticulture.
The past years have taught me to adapt in order to produce the best from each vintage.

In turn, I have introduced our children to this know-how from an early age.

With my wife, Zita, we strive to promote our terroir and its image through our various tastings around the world, as well as by developing wine tourism on our estate.


“I’m a fervent defender of my terroir, so that I can pass it on to my children in an environmentally-friendly way.

In short, this philosophy contributes to a sustainable approach to viticulture, preserving the health of the ecosystem and crops while promoting biodiversity. It’s an approach that offers long-term benefits, even if it may require more meticulous and creative vineyard management.

Today, to highlight these 40 years of commitment, we are participating in the Environmental Management System (EMS) approach, which culminates in the ISO 14001 standards.

This global approach demands our commitment to environmental improvement over the long term, enabling the company to continually improve.

A family


At the heart of the Terroir, the story of Château Cassagne Haut-Canon is a true family saga that began in 1956 with Jean-Jacques’ father.

Fascinated by the divine beverage that is wine, Charles chose this property for its appellation and for the extraordinary richness of its subsoil, characteristic of Canon-Fronsac. Charles had already established Cassagne’s commitment to quality and authenticity, which is reflected in the Tradition cuvée.

In 1983, Jean-Jacques joined his father after studying oenology, and set up a parcel-by-parcel selection process to better understand and exploit the great diversity of the Cassagne terroir.

Meticulous blending resulted in “La Truffière”, showcasing the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes planted in the stony soil around the estate’s truffle oaks.

It is this quest for finesse, elegance and complexity that has made Canon-Fronsac the “Cradle of quality wines from the Libourne region”.

International recognition soon followed, with a gold medal and international trophy at Vinexpo.

Moreover, Robert Parker, the famous Wine Advocate journalist, gave “La Truffière” a score of 95/100 for the first time in the Fronsac region.

Today, history continues to be written at the heart of the estate, where each member of the family naturally finds his or her place.

The family story is handed down from generation to generation: Édouard is the youngest and is always present at open days and other events, while Gauthier promotes our wines through his meetings when he’s not the master of ploughing or trimming.

As for Louis, he assists his father in the winemaker’s tasks, while developing our events with the creation of “Privilège Réception” and communication on the networks.

Zita, the conductor of our vineyard orchestra, warmly welcomes private individuals, wine professionals and other guests to the château, responding enthusiastically to their requests.

Finally, Jean-Jacques has been the creator of each vintage for 40 years. Passionate about oenology and respectful of our terroir, he embodies the enthusiasm and dedication that drive our estate.