Wine workshops

with Zita & Jean-Jacques DUBOIS

Wine workshops at Château CASSAGNE HAUT-CANON are much more than just wine tasting. They are convivial moments where you can discover, understand and analyze the very essence of wine.

Jean-Jacques and Zita DUBOIS, winegrowers, with their in-depth knowledge of the terroir, will be your guides during these enriching workshops.

Give yourself and your loved ones the perfect gift by taking part in our workshops. Come and immerse yourself in our terroir, taste our wines in a friendly atmosphere and become a true epicurean.

Book your wine tourism experience now and share unique moments of pleasure.


An Art of Living

If the wines of the Fronsadais region can be tasted, so can the heritage, culture and art of living that surround them.
Discover these prestigious and generous wines through a winemaker who awaits you for convivial tasting moments. Along the way, join our wine festivals and share the passion of a man who shapes this unique vineyard.

The workshops

A different approach

Led by Jean-Jacques DUBOIS, Oenologist and Owner-Viticulturist, the workshops combine learning the basics of wine tasting with a presentation of the estate’s wines.

The influence of the climate, the mosaic of terroirs, the diversity of grape varieties: no detail is overlooked as we tell the story of the vineyard and the birth of a wine.

Are you a curious wine lover?

We invite you to experience unique and authentic moments thanks to our wine tourism workshops. Immerse yourself in our terroir and learn about wine tasting in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Epicurean by nature?

At our workshops led by Jean-Jacques DUBOIS, you’ll discover how to analyze, describe and appreciate wine using your senses and some fun tips. Become a true epicurean and explore our vineyards in a different way.

Book your wine tourism experience now and share these moments of pleasure. Come and discover the fascinating world of wine at the heart of our workplace.
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Life Moment
and Sharing

In a convivial atmosphere, Jean-Jacques and Zita DUBOIS will share their knowledge and sensitivity to help you discover the world of wine at the heart of their workplace.

A unique activity to
Live and Share

Throughout the year, we offer you the unique experience of daily life on a family-run wine estate, through one of our workshops, which can be modified or combined according to your wishes. A personalized proposal will be sent to you.